Menominee Highway 712, more commonly known as The Parkway, is a partially completed roadway in south-central Menominee. All but one of the six planned segments are completed.

The route runs in a "J" shape, beginning at ME-SR 65 in Canidation and ending in Baytown at I-96.

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Segment Status (Planned) completion From To Length (mi)
A Completed 1959 I-96 ME-16
B Completed 1986 ME-16 US-41
C Completed August 2008 US-41 I-43
D Completed September 15, 2014 I-43 CR-69 (Midway Road)
E Under construction Construction began June 2014
(Fall 2016)
CR-69 (Midway Road) CR-55 (Holiday Inn Road)
F Completed November 2008 CR-55 (Holiday Inn Road) ME-12